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2025 Nissan Rogue Rock Creek Puts Trail Capability In a Smaller Package

by | July 8, 2024

2025 Nissan Rogue Rock Creek attempts to bring trail-ready capability into a smaller package. Will be part of a broader effort to expand the appeal of Rock Creek models to a bigger pool of potential customers.

Nissan Rogue Rock Creek

The 2025 Nissan Rogue Rock Creek is spearheading broader updates for the 2025 model year.

In recent years, automakers have focused on toughening up their crossover models to help them gravitate to buyers who need a family hauler but in a package that’s more stylish while also throwing in some light upgrades to help them be better suited for the occasional trip to the cabin in the backwoods.

Nissan’s Rock Creek lineup is the company’s attempt at addressing this need but while the trim has undergone changes in recent years to help it have more credibility out on the trail, it has been limited to the Pathfinder only. Nissan is slowly starting to change this narrative and has unveiled the newest member of the Rock Creek club, the 2025 Nissan Rogue Rock Creek.

Pathfinder DNA in smaller Rogue package

Rogue Rock Creek forest shot

Rogue Rock Creek is Nissan’s attempt at cashing in on the trail-ready crossover trend.

The exterior styling of the Rogue Rock Creek channels some of the core themes that define its bigger brand mate the Pathfinder with the front fascia getting three faux air vents at the top of the grille that are inspired by that model. The rest of the front fascia is covered in large amounts of gloss black trim and orange accents in the corners suggest the presence of recovery hooks but none are equipped. The orange and black wheels get chunky all-terrain tires and the roof gets functional tubular shaped roof rails with incorporated crossbars.

The look here is on par with some of its rivals like the Hyundai Tucson XRT and it’s clear that Nissan is trying to create a balanced design that enhances some of the SUV’s core areas but without ruining its core identity. The rear fascia is largely carried over from lesser models but the lower rear bumper gets gloss black accents and Rock Creek badging on the liftgate. The smaller size is a core selling point and it will be interesting to see if the Rogue can help Nissan reach buyers who want an SUV with sizzle but don’t need the additional size that comes with the Pathfinder.

Rogue interior continues to be tech-filled oasis

Rogue Rock Creek interior

Technology and comfort continue to be key sales pillars for the 2025 Nissan Rogue lineup.

Slip inside the Rogue Rock Creek and you’ll find that the cabin is a purposeful blend of function and comfort. The exterior’s black and orange accents bleed over into the interior with the dashboard, seats, and other areas of the cabin getting splashes of orange trim. The heated 12-way power adjustable leatherette seats have water-resistant inserts and buyers that go for the optional premium package can get a wireless phone charging pad, heated steering wheel, and other comfort features.

The rear cargo area gets a standard power outlet and that allows the Rock Creek to power appliances as well as gear like air pumps when out on the trail. In a curious move, Nissan chose to not allow the Rock Creek to be equipped with its ProPilot 2.1 hands-free driving system. The system is newly optional on SL and Platinum models and is part of a technology package that also gives these two trims an impressive array of cameras including a camera view that goes through the hood. The camera system would’ve helped make the Rock Creek stand out in its segment and give drivers an extra degree of confidence when navigating obstacles.

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Carryover Performance

Nissan Rogue Rock creek camera views

The 2025 Nissan Rogue will make its way to dealerships this summer.

Performance for all Rogue models will continue to come from a 1.5-liter turbocharged Variable Compression four-cylinder that makes 201 hp and 225 lb-ft of torque with the company’s Xtronic CVT continuing to be the lone transmission available across the entire lineup. The Rogue gets front-wheel drive standard in lower trims but all-wheel drive is also available with the newly added Rock Creek getting all-wheel drive standard.

The 2025 Nissan Rogue will go on sale this summer with pricing information being released closer to its launch. Look for the Rock Creek to have pricing that’s in the middle of the trim ladder and while that means it’ll be a noticeable premium when compared to lower trim levels, it also has the potential to be a decent value play when compared to the SL and the Platinum models.



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