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Fisker Ocean

Fisker Files for Bankruptcy

Fisker Files for Bankruptcy

For the second time in less than a dozen years, entrepreneur Henrik Fisker’s effort at launching an automotive start-up has plunged into bankruptcy. Start-up Fisker Inc. filed for Chapter 11 protection late Monday. While the one-time auto designer said the filing leaves a “viable path forward,” the options for saving the company appear increasingly sparse.

You Could Buy Fisker Inc. for Less Than Henrik Fisker Wants for His Hollywood House

You Could Buy Fisker Inc. for Less Than Henrik Fisker Wants for His Hollywood House

If you’ve got some spare cash lying around and are looking for a new home up in the Hollywood Hills you might reach out to Henrik Fisker. He’s got a place for sale overlooking the legendary Sunset Strip for $35 million. Of course, you could also buy his car company, Fisker Inc. for less than $25 million – though you could wait if you might get it for even less as it struggles to avoid bankruptcy.

Fisker Files for Bankruptcy

Harsh! Consumer Reports Trashes New Fisker Ocean as “Inexcusable”

“Incomplete” and “Inexcusable.” Things haven’t been going well for Fisker Inc., the EV start-up that has begun taking steps that could lead to a bankruptcy filing in the coming weeks. Fisker has also announced it is halting production for six weeks. It’s unclear if the company will use that pause to address some of the issues with its first product line, the Fisker Ocean. Based on a new review by Consumer Reports, the list is a long one.

Fisker Files for Bankruptcy

Fisker Shares Collapse After Bankruptcy Report

Danish automotive designer and entrepreneur Henrik Fisker may be heading for a second bankruptcy. Shares of Fisker went into freefall Thursday after the Wall Street Journal reported the executive’s latest car company is seeking the help of restructuring experts in preparation for a possible bankruptcy. Earlier this month, Fisker advised analysts and investors the startup is facing going-concern risks due to slow sales and weak revenues. It is unclear whether a potential tie-up with Nissan will be enough to overcome a fast-worsening cash crunch.

Fisker Talks with Nissan Collapse; Bankruptcy Looms Larger

“High Likelihood” Nissan Will Invest $400 Million in Alliance with Fisker

Struggling Fisker Inc. could get tossed a lifeline by Japan’s second-largest automaker. In turn, Nissan could gain some much-needed momentum as it struggles to catch up to key competitors in the EV market, according to a new report. A deep source, meanwhile, tells Headlight.News “there is a high likelihood” the alliance could come together in the coming month.

Fisker’s Future Potentially In Jepoardy After Company Misses Q4 Production & Sales Targets

Fisker Again Scales Back Production Plans – And Investors Applaud

For the second time this year, EV start-up Fisker has scaled back production plans, and now expects to roll out half as many Ocean SUVs as it planned at the beginning of the year. But that was fine with Wall Street, its stock price rising nearly 9% as the week came to a close. Headlight.News looks at what’s behind the cutback, and why it pleases investors.