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Chevy Offers Second Tease of Upcoming Corvette ZR1

by | June 4, 2024

Chevrolet teased the soon-to-arrive Corvette ZR1 for the second time. This time, the short video on YouTube offers a look at the rear end of the next model as well as some very clear sound. The new model definitely offers a different note … perhaps that of a twin turbo?

Corvette ZR1 teaser summer screen

Chevrolet teased the soon-to-arrive Corvette ZR1 for the second time with a short video on

We can say for sure, since Chevy reconfirmed it in the video, the ZR1 is set to arrive this summer.

The midengine C8 Corvette has captured the attention of the public in a way no vehicle has in decades. Of course, it’s the first ’Vette with the engine behind the driver and even the “entry-level” Stingray was hailed for its power and performance.

Since then, Chevy’s introduced new iterations including the Z06 and all-new E-Ray, generating significant buzz with each model. However, many have been waiting on the ZR1 with bated breath because it offers an uptick in performance.

The sound from the video confirms for many the shift from the 6.2-liter V8 to a 5.5-liter twin turbo 8-cylinder. It’s uncertain if it will retain the flat-plane crank from the previous versions or switches to a cross-plane crank hasn’t been revealed.

Chevy’s supercar

Corvette ZR-1 summer teaser rear end

The ZR1 should be a game changer for America’s sports car as the expected power output — close to or in excess of 800 hp.

No power numbers came with the video, which offered only a fuzzy look at the rear end of the new model, which is accented by a large wing — its span is slightly wider than the car — on the coupe’s behind. There are also four center-mounted exhaust pipes. Like the previous video in April, not much else is revealed.

Regardless, the ZR1 should be a game changer for America’s sports car as the expected power output — in excess of 600 horsepower and closer to 800 hp. The Z06 puts out 670 hp and the C7 version of the ZR1 produced 745 hp.

Whatever they pump it up to, it will likely be on par — or better — with the world’s supercars, and at a third of the price or less.

While some supercars come with a manual transmission, the C8’s platform isn’t designed to accommodate a manual transmission. Fans can expect the ZR1 to be equipped exclusively with an automatic in keeping with tradition.

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Some numbers

The new midengined setup was supposed to help get more power to the wheels, and it’s worked. Well, if that’s the case, the new ZR1 will likely exceed its predecessor’s top speed of 212 mph.

When the ZR1 eventually makes its way to dealerships, look for the model to have pricing that will reflect its role as a range-topping halo model with a base model being higher than the Z06 with that version of the Vette starting at $115,390.

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