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Ford Reveals New Option Packages for 2025 Mustang GTD, Also Shows Off Interior

by | June 12, 2024

Ford is hoping that option packages and a familiar interior will help the Mustang GTD be a winner with Mustang fans

Ford shared new details about the Mustang GTD including a glimpse of its interior for the first time

The 2025 Mustang GTD made a splash when Ford confirmed that it created a no-holds-barred performance entry that would rewrite everything we knew about the Mustang. That includes offering performance that heavily benefits from lessons Ford learned in multiple types of auto racing. Ford claims that the GTD will live up to the hype and deliver on all of its promises. However, Ford also intentionally left some questions unanswered including what the interior looked like.

With the Mustang GT3 preparing to compete in the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans race, the company has decided to release some new details about the GTD and not only provided clarity about the option packages that will be coming to the model but also decided to show us the interior of this monstrous Mustang for the very first time.

GTD interior mixes familiarity with performance

Some familiar touches are mixed in with the all-out performance formula

Slip inside the Mustang GTD and you’ll find that the model has a very strong resemblance to the standard Mustang with the cabin carrying over much of the core formula. That includes the integrated 12.3 and 13.2-inch screens that you see on models like the Premium and the Dark Horse. The steering wheel and even the dashboard are carried over too.

However, look past the copy-and-paste job and you’ll notice some GTD-exclusive details that make their way to the surface. All GTD models get standard titanium shift paddles, standard Recaro sport seats, and even special graphics for the screens. Buyers looking to see what the rear suspension is doing will be able to get a glimpse of the action thanks to a rear viewing window that focuses on the action. The center console also gets two new buttons with one opening up an exclusive Track Apps mode while the second one operates the front-axle lift system.

Option packages enhance both style and comfort

Option packages include a Performance Pack as well as a Carbon Series package for sleeker styling

In addition to the interior, Ford also shined a spotlight on some of the option packages that will be coming to the GTD. One of them is called the Performance Pack which loads the GTD up with features designed to sharpen the aerodynamics of the car while also shedding weight too. That includes large front-mounted dive planes and a large front splitter with the rear of the car getting a drag reduction system that’s mounted on the rear wing. A weight reduction package is also available and it not only removes sound-deadening material but also adds 20-inch magnesium alloy wheels.

In addition to those packages, Ford will also offer a special Carbon Series package for the GTD that leaves unpainted sections of carbon fiber on the hood, roof, and portions of the decklid. A Magnetite finish is also applied to the wheels and buyers will be able to choose from six different exterior colors including a new color called Chroma Flame.

“Many sports cars excel at one thing. But for a car to set a quick lap at the Nurburgring, it needs to be great at everything,” said Mustang GTD Chief Engineer Greg Goodall. “Cornering, grip, braking, acceleration, there’s not a single area where it can’t shine.

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Time is running out to get one for your driveway

Time is running out for you to get your hands on a GTD for your garage

Ford is planning a two-year production run for the Mustang GTD and while the company has not revealed exactly how many it will produce (as well as how much horsepower the car makes) look for that figure to potentially end up being around 1,400 examples. Pricing will start at over $325,000 and Ford has chosen to do a rigorous registration process for buyers with the company confirming that it received over 7,500 applications from eager buyers. Unfortunately, the process is now closed in the U.S. and Canada but European buyers can put their applications in to earn a spot in line for this special Mustang.


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