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Wiper Problems Force Tesla to Halt Cybertruck Deliveries

by | June 17, 2024

Tesla’s Cybertruck has gotten off to a rocky start since it finally started deliveries last November, two years late. And now, a new problem with its huge windshield wipers has forced the automaker to put deliveries of the all-electric truck on hold until it can figure out a solution.

Tesla Cybertruck - front Chicago Auto Show 2-24

Cybertruck’s massive windows have created windshield wiper problems since the project was first conceived.

The massive windshield on the Tesla Cybertruck has been a source of trouble since the electric pickup was first conceived. More precisely, coming up with working windshield wipers was a major headache that contributed to the years-long delay in getting Cybertruck into production.

The solution, apparently, isn’t proving as effective as Tesla had hoped, according to complaints posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum. Some owners report their wiper motors have been failing. Other customers reported that Tesla has advised them it could be a week or more before they can take delivery while it fixes the problem.

Driving blind

In the nearly seven months since CEO Elon Musk handed over the keys to the first ten Cybertruck owners during a videostreamed event at the Austin, Texas factory, the pickup has faced a number of problems, ranging from reports of rust to accelerator pedals that would fall off. The latter issue forced Tesla to recall every Cybertruck built at the time.

Tesla Cybertruck - side on snow

Tesla appears to be struggling to come up with replacement wiper motors.

“Just heard that all Cybertruck deliveries have been halted for about a week. Apparently a new safety issue was discovered with the windshield wiper motor,” an owner using the pseudonym “Greyfish” posted on the owners forum.

Another owner, calling themselves Cnod, responded that, “I picked up on Tuesday in Florida and left and made it 20 miles and it started pouring raining. Had to sit in a Dunkin Donuts for 3.5 hours and call Tesla roadside assistance because i couldn’t see. They took it to the SC and said it would be a few weeks before the wiper motor could be replaced. Once the rain passed, i took the CT and added some Rainx for now. But it was super dangerous…had to open my window and hang out the window to see until i could get to a safe place with the wiper not working.”

Several owners, “Plaidmodelx” and “Jpend,” said their wipers never worked from the time of delivery.”

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Hit or miss

Cybertruck on track

Some owners have reported being forced to park their Cybertrucks in the rain.

Some owners report they’ve had no problem with the Cybertruck windshield wipers. That’s no surprise. Typically, mechanical problems can be hit-or-miss. The ongoing recalls involving Takata airbags have involved over 50 million vehicles — but only a thousand or so have actually experienced the potentially deadly defect. Of 2 million Ford Explorers recalled in January, no more 5% were expected to have issues with trim pieces that could fly off.

And with Cybertruck being so new, it’s uncertain how many might fail over a more extended period, especially in regions of the country where their wipers were used more frequently.

What next?

Attempts to seek comment from Tesla have gone unanswered. The automaker no longer operates a media relations department and rarely responds on safety or other matters unless there’s a recall or questions raised during quarterly earnings reports.

Tesla Cybertruck - rear with kayak

Problems with faulty wipers could force a new Cybertruck recall.

Owners who’ve gone to dealers for repairs have gotten different updates some being told it could take a week or more for repairs, others indicating it could take longer. A number of buyers have indicated they’re deliveries are on hold while Tesla comes up with a fix.

But faulty windshield wipers are considered a safety issue by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and, unless there’s an unusual twist to the story, the feds may wind up stepping in. If so, the company may need to come up with a repair for a larger range of vehicle – perhaps even the full run of Cybertrucks produced through a certain date.

Unlike some issues, Tesla apparently cannot solve the wiper problem with an over-the-air update and now has to come up with a physical fix to the problem, such as replacing the wiper motors.


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