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These Are the Best EVs You Can Buy Today According to Consumer Reports

by | July 10, 2024

From compact crossovers to full-size SUVs, roughly 100 new battery-electric vehicles have come to market over the last two years. But which ones are the best when you factor in things like range, reliability, maintenance and everyday practicality? Consumer Reports has named its 14 top choices and it includes a variety of different sizes, prices and features. But three brands – Hyundai, Kia and BMW – stood out.

BMW iX M60

The all-electric BMW iX M60 was the top-ranked model in CR’s list of best EVs.

Its been more than a decade since the first mass market battery-electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, came to market. Today, there are scores of options for U.S. motorists, with plenty more set to arrive for the 2025 model year. While sales growth may have slowed down, nearly 1.2 million Americans are expected went all-electric last year, and research firms J.D. Power, S&P Global Mobility and Guidehouse Insights all expect that to increase by another 8% by the end of 2024.

The latest models offer better range, more features and, in many instances, more affordable prices than older EVs. But which ones stand out? Consumer Reports put 50 models under the microscope, looking at range, reliability and results from its own test track in Connecticut.

Here’s a look at the winners.

CR’s pick of the EV crop

The non-profit organization came up with a list of 14 solid choices from 10 different brands. Three manufacturers stood out: Hyundai and Kia among mainstream marques, BMW among the luxury brands.

No surprise: CR found that a number of the models it put to the test fell short of their EPA-rated range numbers, some by as much as 50 miles. But more than a few managed to keep going when their battery packs were expected to be drained.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 connected to a Tesla Supercharger

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 tied as second highest-rated EV in the study.

Best mainstream models

Two products stood out, according to Consumer Reports:

  • 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 tied for the second-highest rating among all of the models tested, 83 out of a possible 100 points. Also known as the “electric streamliner,” the sleek electric sedan scored well in terms of range, reliability, and anticipated customer satisfaction. Estimated range: 240-361 miles, depending upon trim;
  • 2024 Kia Niro EV is the all-electric version of the Korean carmaker’s subcompany crossover. It is available in several different powertrain options, including a plug-in hybrid. Niro EV scored 71 points. Estimated range 253 miles.

Best Luxury electric cars

Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Weissach racing REL

The Porsche Taycan is the most expensive model on the list.

Again, two models ranked among the overall best:

  • 2024 BMW i4 is an EV hatchback offered in a variety of different trims and powertrain options. At the top end is the 536-horsepower M50 with all-wheel-drive. Range varies from 269 to 307 miles, depending upon the package. Given an 83 rating, it tied the Hyundai Ioniq 6;
  • 2024 Porsche Taycan is the most expensive model on the list, prices ranging from $90,900 to $197,500. The most popular version is a low-slung four-door resembling the gas-powered Porsche Panamera, but a wagon is available. Numerous powertrains are available, including a rear-drive version. Range runs up to 235 miles. Given a 76-point rating.

More EV News

Best 2-row SUVs:

  • 2023 Kia EV6 GT front 3-4

    The EV6 is one of two Kias on the best-EV list.

    2024 Kia EV6 is the Korean brand’s first EV on a dedicated all-electric platform – shared with the Hyundai Ioniq 5, among other models. There are numerous versions available in rear- and all-wheel-drive, along with the high-performance EV6 GT. Range varies from 232 miles for a base model up to 310 miles. Given a 77-point rating;

  • 2024 Tesla Model Y is the best-selling EV in the U.S. The crossover shares key underpinnings with the Model 3 – but has not yet gotten a major upgrade as the sedan did for 2024. Rated a 72, it gets up to 330 miles per charge, depending upon the package. It has the advantage of being able to plug in at the vast Tesla Supercharger network;
  • 2024 Nissan Ariya is the second all-electric model from the Japanese automaker and is significantly more advanced than the original Nissan Leaf. Hands-free ProPilot Assist 2.0 is available. Several versions are available, with range up to 253 miles. Ariya received a 70-point rating;
  • 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E tied Ariya with 70 points. The first SUV to share the familiar Mustang badge, its offered in a variety of packages, including the high-performance GT and the new for 2025 Rally edition. CR found it could get up to 299 miles with the extended-range battery pack. But most models were “jittery” with a standard suspension. Consider the optional Magneride.
Kia EV9 - Tesla Supercharger

A Kia EV9 draws juice from a Tesla Supercharger.

Best 3-row SUV

Only one model made the cut in this category, the second dedicated EV from Kia:

  • 2024 Kia EV9 is the brand’s newest all-electric model – and its largest, essentially an EV alternative to the now-familiar Kia Telluride. Like that 3-row model, EV9 offers plenty of interior space but adds the benefits of a flat load floor and even more cargo space. Given a 78 rating, it gets anywhere from 215 to 304 miles per charge.

Luxury SUVs

Due to the high cost of today’s batteries, EVs tend to cost more than conventional vehicles. Luxury buyers appear more immune to that issue, which helps explain why high-line brands tend to have a disproportionate presence in the EV market. Here are the five highest-rated models:

  • 2023 Audi Q4 50 e-tron driving REL

    The 2023 Audi Q4 50 e-tron is one of two EVs from the German brand on the best-of list.

    2024 BMW iX was the overall top-rated model among the CR choices, given 84 out of a possible 100 points. It’s about the same size as a BMW X5 but offers some advantages, such as more rear legroom and a flat load floor, as well as plenty of onboard technology. The distinctive design can be polarizing. Range is estimated at 324 miles;

  • 2024 Genesis GV60 is one of three all-electric models from the Korean brand – but the only one to use a dedicated, all-electric platform. It’s quick, yet quiet, and its 77.4-kWh battery pack delivers up to 248 miles range. The design is a standout, inside and out, with a quirky crystal ball for a gear shifter. It received a 75-point rating;
  • 2024 Lexus RZ is the first all-electric model from Toyota’s upscale sibling. The RZ shares the same platform as Toyota’s bZ4X but gets a number of upgrades fitting a luxury brand, including a lavishly appointed interior. Its battery pack is surprisingly small, at just 71.4-kWh, meaning range was a modest 202 miles in CR tests, a bit below the EPA number. Rated 74 points;
  • 2024 Audi Q4 e-tron is one of a growing selection of all-electric models from the German automaker. As the name suggests, it’s an all-electric counterpart to the gas-powered Audi Q4. While sharing the same platform as the mainstream Volkswagen ID.4, the Audi model is much better equipped and sportier to drive. It was given a 71-point rating;

2024 Audi Q8 e-tron is the last model on the list and gets the same, 70-point rating as the Mustang Mach-E. The 2024 model got a bump in both power and range, depending upon the package. The base version makes 402 hp and is rated at 285 miles, up 65 miles, according to the EPA. The SQ8 is a three-motor performance edition rated 496 hp, but just 253 miles.


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